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Support Services

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Support services are designed and implemented to help students reach their full potential. A continuum of services are provided through the Student Success Team and/or the school’s Planning and Placement Team (PPT).

Student Success Team (SST) Process

The Student Success Team (SST) is a team of teachers, administrators and related service providers, including school counselors, who assist in the identification of  students in need and  the planning of intervention for at-risk students. The team recommends strategies for students who are struggling academically and or emotionally despite initial Tier 1 and 2 interventions. Data is reviewed and utilized to drive “next step” interventions or processes. Meetings are regular and ongoing throughout the year in order to proactively address student concerns. Questions about the SST and the referral process should be directed toward a school counselor or school administrator.

Planning and Placement Team (PPT)

This team, comprised of the parent, special education teacher, classroom teacher, school counselor, appropriate related service staff members, and administrator, works with students referred by their parents/guardians, a teacher, or the principal. Once referred, this team of specialists assesses children’s needs and if a student if found eligible under IDEA, provides specialized instruction to meet individual student needs in the classroom, in special classes, or in a resource room setting.

Pupil Services

Additional Student Support Services