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Bell Schedule

School is in session each day from 8:00 am to 2:50 pm, except on Wednesday when the hours are 8:00 am to 1:30 pm. A bell rings at 7:50 am, and advisory begins at 8:00 am.

Morning Arrival Procedure


1. All buses arriving prior to 7:40 am will keep students on the bus until that time. Students need to remain in their seats.

2. All students who are walkers or who receive a ride to school should not arrive to school prior to 7:40 am. Under special circumstances, any students arriving prior to 7:40 am will report directly to the cafeteria. Students will not be permitted to stop at lockers first.

3. Students in the cafeteria need to be seated. They may work on homework, read, or chat quietly with their friends.

4. Students who have scheduled, supervised morning activities with teachers may proceed directly to those locations at their scheduled time. Students will not be permitted to stop at their lockers first.

5. We have a 7:40 am bell to signal that all students on buses and in the cafeteria should head to lockers.

6. When students report to their lockers at 7:40 am, they are required to get everything they will need for their Period 1 class. There will be no locker breaks between morning advisory and Period 1.

7. We have a 7:50 am bell to signal that students should be heading to advisory. By 7:55 am, all students should be in advisory. The 8:00 am bell is the tardy bell. 8. Building doors are locked at 8:00 am.

Bell Schedules

Character Education/Advisory

Each student will be part of a grade-level Advisory group which will meet at the start of the school day. In these small groups, students will be exposed to our school’s Character Education Program through activities, discussions, and other interactive experiences.

Character education is a foundational element at Sedgwick Middle School. Our program includes a broad range of concepts such as promoting positive school culture, caring school communities, social-emotional learning, civic education and service learning. To be effective, character education must include all stakeholders within our school community.

Character education helps students develop and value important human qualities such as respect, enthusiasm, achievement, and perseverance. Our character education program creates a culture of responsibility and caring in order to support and challenge students and adults in their pursuit of excellence.

Hallway with lockers