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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


Administrative offices for the West Hartford Public Schools are located in the Town Hall building at 50 South Main Street. 

West Hartford Elementary School Approved Snacks


A variety of snack items are offered on a rotating basis in the school cafeteria during lunch service. Students are allowed to purchase only one packaged snack or ice cream with lunch each day.  All packaged snacks and ice cream meet the following guidelines:

  •  no more than 200 calories
  •  no more than 35% calories from total fat
  •  no more than 10% calories from saturated fat
  •  zero trans fats
  •  no more than 200 mg sodium
  •  no more than 15 grams of sugar and no more than 35% sugar by weight
  •  no artificial sweeteners, no nonnutritive sweeteners, no sugar alcohols
  •  no chemically altered fat substitutes
  •  no caffeine

Packaged snacks also meet the following guidelines:

  •  no partially hydrogenated oils
  •  no artificial colors
  •  no artificial flavors
  •  no high fructose corn syrup


Product list:


Whole grain Cheez-its, .75 ounce

Chortles mini cookies, whole grain, 1 ounce

Whole grain cinnamon roll, 1.5 ounce

BBQ baked potato crisps, .875 ounce

Sour cream baked potato crisps, .875 ounce

Plain baked potato crisps, .875 ounce

Whole grain tortilla rounds, .875 ounce

Whole grain scoop tortilla chips, .875 ounce

Reduced-fat spicy sweet tortilla chips, 1 ounce

Low sodium pretzels, .7 ounce

Reduced fat popcorn, cheddar flavor, .5 ounce

Fruit filled pocket pastries, whole grain, 2 ounce

Cinnamon crunch crisps, 1 ounce

Oat & Honey granola bars, 1.5 ounce

Mini graham crackers, 1.06 ounce

Chocolate graham crackers, 1 ounce

Cinnamon graham crackers, 1 ounce

Animal crackers, 1 ounce

Sugar cookie, whole grain, 1 ounce

Cheddar goldfish crackers, .75 ounce

Ranch goldfish crackers, .75 ounce



Pudding cup, chocolate, 4 ounce

Pudding cup, vanilla, 4 ounce

Sunflower seeds, honey roasted, 1 ounce

Sunchip snack mix, cheddar, .875 ounce

Sunchip snack mix, garden salsa, .875 ounce

Frozen juice cup, 4 ounce

Frozen juice bar, 2 ounce

Chocolate frozen yogurt cup, 4 ounce

Vanilla frozen yogurt cup, 4 ounce

Raspberry frozen yogurt cup, 4 ounce

Cookies & cream bar, 2.7 ounce

Orange cream bar, 3 ounce

Strawberry crunch bar, 3 ounce

Chocolate crunch bar, 3 ounce

Fudge bar, 3 ounce

Crumbled cookie cone, 3 ounce

Vanilla/chocolate cone, 3 ounce

Ice cream sandwich, 3 ounce

Orange fruit ice, 2.75 ounce

Rainbow fruit ice, 2.75 ounce



West Hartford Public Schools

50 South Main St, West Hartford, CT  06107

T: 860-561-6600

F: 860-561-6910

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