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Tickets for the annual Sedgwick Musical with performances on May 1 - May 4th are now on sale! Tickets can be purchased via the Drama Club blog:  

SMS’ Annual “Spirit Week” April 7th– 11th

Show your spirit with us and wear the following each day:

* Monday April 7th: United Nation day (show pride wearing colors or clothing that represent your heritage or Country of origin)
* Tuesday April 8th: Twinzie Tuesday (find a partner)
* Wednesday April 9th - Famous person day…Dress up, dress down, dress as your hero famous or not…I’m sure Kim Kardashian, Pharell Williams and Tom Brady will be watching
* Thursday April 10th: Crazy hair day
* Friday April 11th:  Neon day…don’t forget is Read a Thon day also, please bring your pledges!!

Remember dress code will be especially enforced this week, make us proud and celebrate that you are Sedgwick!

 Also, STUCO is joining forces with Mrs. Croce’s students and Unified Theater leadership to promote Autism Awareness month.  Students will work on teaching awareness and fundraising for team Wildcats. 

Kids Lit Fundraiser
Come support Sedgwick's team of amazing readers on Saturday, April 26.  Details here:

Books Wanted!

After reading A Long Walk to Water, students at Sedgwick want to help, so Sedgwick will be participating in a Book Drive for Africa from now until the Read-a-thon. All books will be sent by container, through the U.S. Africa Children's Fellowship. Fiction (kids, teens, and adult), general science, and textbooks make great donations.

In addition, we are asking kids to bring in copy paper boxes, which is how the books will be delivered.


A Day in May - Calling all Sedgwick Male Role Models!

Sedgwick Middle School is enriched by many supportive parents and guardians. We Would like to extend an invitation to the adult males of our school community to volunteer in the building during a day in May.

Sedgwick invites our male partners in education to spend an hour to a full day in May inspiring and engaging with our young male scholars. We recognize the busy schedules of our families and want to designate the entire month of May for fathers,uncles, grandfathers, brothers and mentors to help out at Sedgwick in a variety of ways. It's fast, easy and fun!

 Access the online Day in May Volunteer Form:


World Book Night (we're celebrating in the morning!)

Wednesday April 23 7:15 to 8:00 am

SMS Multi-Purpose Room

Parents/Guardians who are “Light Readers” or “Non-Readers” are invited to join us for Coffee and A Book in celebration of World Book Night.

It is never too late to discover the joy of reading.
World Book Night is an annual celebration dedicated to spreading the love of reading, person to person.  Each year on April 23 –Shakespeare’s birthday people in the U.S. give free World Book Night new paperbacks to light and non-readers.   We will be participating in World Book Night here at Sedgwick by inviting all parents and guardians who are light or non-readers to join us for morning coffee and a free book. 
If you are an adult light or non-reader, stop in at Sedgwick’s multi-purpose room on April 23
We will greet you with a cup of coffee and  a free book that lots of people have enjoyed. Take it home, read at your leisure, and nothing else is required. If you don’t like the book, simply pass it on to someone else. 

Your kids are asked by their schools to read every day in hopes that they will become readers. It’s never too late for you to become a reader and to support our work with your child.


SBAC Testing Has Begun; Schedule Below

The Smarter Balanced Learning Assessment replaces the CMT other than the science component in grades 5, 8 and 10. All students will be tested beginning on March 31. Testing dates have been changed.  Parents are requested to refrain from scheduling out of school appointments for students during these dates.

Monday A DAY

Tuesday B DAY


Thursday A DAYS

Friday B DAYS







CBT: Computer Based Test






CA: Classroom Activity

3/31/2014 CBT ELA Grades 6, 7, 8

4/1/2014 CBT ELA

Grades 6, 7, 8




PT: Performance Task

4/7/2014 CBT MATH

Grades 6, 7, 8

4/8/2014CBT MATH

Grades 6, 7, 8





4/14/2014 VACATION

4/15/2014 VACATION

4/16/2014 VACATION

4/17/2014 VACATION

4/18/2014 VACATION

CMT Science 8, March 13



4/23/2014 CA ELA Grades 6, 7, 8

4/24/2014 PT ELA Grades 6, 7, 8

4/25/2014 PT ELA Grades 6, 7, 8



4/30/2014 CA MATH Grades 6, 7, 8

5/01/2014 PT MATH Grades 6, 7, 8

5/2/2014 ADDITIONAL TIME Grades, 6, 7, 8




8:00 Advisory

8:00 Advisory

8:00 Advisory

8:05 - 9:17 Period 1 or 5

8:05 - 9:17 Period 1 or 6

8:05 - 9:17 Period 1 or 6

9:20 - 10:32 TESTING

9:20 - 10:32 Period 2 or 7

9:20 - 10:32 Period 2 or 7

10:35-11:47 Period 2 or 7

10:35-11:12 first half Period 3 or 8

10:35 - 11:05 LUNCH

11:15 - 11:45 LUNCH

11:08 - 12:20 TESTING

11:50 -12:20 LUNCH

11:48 - 12:20 second half Period 3 or 8

12:23 – 1:35 Period 4 or 8

12:23 -1:35 Period 4 or 9

12:23 - 1:35 Period 3 or 9

1:38 - 2:50 Period 3 or 9

1:38 - 2:50 TESTING

1:38 - 2:50 Period 5 or 8

Period Rotation

Period Rotation

Period Rotation

A Day: 1, 2, 4, 3

A Day: 1, 2, 3, 4

A Day: 1, 2, 3, 5

B Day: 5, 7, 8, 9

B Day: 6, 7, 8, 9

B Day: 6, 7, 9, 8

Sedgwick Read- A-Thon  -  Rescheduled to April 11th!

The entire school day will be dedicated to the love of reading!  Last year students were able to raise enough money through their sponsors for the school to purchase a mobile computer cart. This year, the goal is to fund a new projection system for the auditorium. 
We still need volunteers.  Email Jackie Wolski, the Read-A-Thon Coordinator, at if you can help out.  
We are also still taking contributions....did you remember to ask everyone to support reading and Sedgwick?  If you are done, please send the donations in with your student for safekeeping.

Pledge form:
Flyer: Read-a-Thonflyer2014.pdf
Phone Script: Read-a-thon_script2014.pdf





Hello! West Hartford Event Seeks Participants

The Hello! West Hartford Third Annual Celebration is taking place Monday, April 28 at 5:30 PM. Three Years and 20 Languages Celebrated  Enjoy a fun program of entertainment. Taste desserts and snacks from different cultures.

Click on this link to view the event flyer:
RSVP to join in the fun and host a table celebrating your native land and culture.  Phone: 860-325-0852  or E-mail: 


Tween and Teen Open Mic Night Share your talent!
Saturday, April 26 Open to tweens & teens ages 10-18

We are looking for tweens and teens ages 10-18 to perform in an open mic event at the Noah Webster Library! If you are a singer, dancer, musician, actor, comedian, magician, poet, etc. and would like to share your talent, please reserve a spot online HERE on the performers list by April 24. Individual and group acts are welcome. This program is happening Saturday, April 26 in the Library Meeting Room, from 3:00 - 4:45 pm.

To sign up online, visit To get more information, contact the teen department at 860-561-6996 or e-mail Teen Librarian Kari Karp at Other upcoming Teen Events can be viewed here:

SEPTA Coffee and Conversation

May 2nd 9:30 - 10:30 am at Panera Bread, Bishop's Corner. 

 Come meet with other parents whose children receive services through the West Hartford Public Schools.  We meet monthly from Look for the SEPTA sign on the table, usually in the back of the restaurant. 

 Contact Kris Atkins at kwherry@comcast for more information or if you have any questions.